From Hesiod's Theogony to Late Antiquity


Humanity has been invariably preoccupied with the winged god Eros (Love) – alternately known as sweet, bitter, limb-loosening, rival,
athlete, tamer, diurnal and nocturnal, just to mention some of his numerous properties– but has been unable either to tame Eros or carry on without him.

The exhibition was realised with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Greece), the Department of Antiquities (Cyprus), the Ministry of Culture (Italy), Regione Siciliana and the Louvre Museum.

The exhibition presented a total of about 280 exhibits (sculptures, reliefs, vases, figurines, lamps and jewelry by some of the most famous artists and vase-painters of antiquity), brought in from 50 archaeological museums of Greece, Cyprus, Italy and France, amongst which also the Louvre.

The exhibition was divided into 9 thematic units, encompassing all interpretations and manifestations of Eros throughout his existence in Antiquity, from his very first emergence in Hesiod’s texts until the prevalence of Christianity.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition the Museum organised guided tours for high-school students, evening tours for the public and lectures on the theme of Eros from ancient to contemporary art, as well as Eros in philosophy. The series of lectures was given by Stelios Ramfos, Dimitris Plantzos and Katerina Zacharopoulou.


curated by
Professor Nicholas Chr. Stampolidis
Director of the Museum of Cycladic

Yorgos Tassoulas
curator of the Museum


The exhibition was donated by
Stavros Niarchos Foundation

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with the kind support of
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The catalog of the exhibition held a grant from the
Ioannis F. Kostopoulos Foundation