Transform the Figurine

Kids Drawing Contest


The Museum of Cycladic Art invites their young friends, aged 4-12 years, to participate in an art contest being organised for the 5th year in a row!
This year we are travelling with the Cypriot Plank-shaped Figurine dating in the 2nd millennium BC. 

Is it a man?
Trigger your imagination. 
Could it be an airplane?
Is it a cactus or do you see a bee? 

We are expecting your drawing until the 28/02/2018. 


Download the template here


•Print the A4 template
•Transform the figurine however you like
•Send us your drawing and the application form in the following address:

Museum of Cycladic Art,
4 Neofytou Douka Street, 10674, Athens
C/O: Katerina Abadji / Education Department


• The kids can use a variety of materials: crayons, pencils, markers, collage, threads etc.
• All children’s names should be easy to read. If one’s name is not readable the participation will not be valid. We suggest the names to be written by an adult (for the kindergarten and early grades). 
• Three winners (4-6, 7-9, 10-12) will be selected by the Museum’s committee.
• The Museum of Cycladic Art will organize an exhibition with a selection of the works submitted for the purposes of the Education Department’s exhibition.
• In case you submit a school group application you must not forget the teacher’s name and contact details.
• The drawing will not be returned.
• The drawings may be used for further promotional purposes both by the Museum or the sponsors. 


1. For school participations do the drawings need to be sumbitted as a group project or does each student need to create it's own drawing and submitt it as a class?
Participants can send their drawings either as individuals or as a group. The award will be granted to the drawing.

2. Should the printout be on a simple A4 paper or one could use an A4 cardboard in order to support material's(e.g.threads etc) and glue's weight?
Printout could be on any kind of paper as long as it's of an A4 size.

3. When the drawing is completed should we cut the outline or should it be submitted as an A4?
The final drawing should be sumbitted as an A4.

4. Should the child's full name be on the front or back side of the drawing?
The child's full name (both first name and last name) should be printed on the front side of the drawing.

5. When drawings are shipped should they be followed by the application form for each student individually?
Each drawing should be followed by an application form. In case of a group participation you will have to complete a form including all names. In case of a school participation each drawing should have each student's individual participation form and the teacher's contact information.

6. Should I complete my own application form as a teacher?
For school participations the teacher should complete his/her contact information on each student's application form instead of the parents contact information. There is no need for a teacher's separate application form.

7. Can the drawing exceed the margins of the A4 dimension?
No. All drawings should be within A4 borders (210 x 297mm).

8. Can the drawings be of 3D shape?
Yes. 3D shape is allowed as lond as it doesn't exceed A4 dimmentions (210 x 297 mm).

9.Are children born in 2005 allowed to participate in your contest?
Our contest is addressed to children aged 4-12 years old. More specifically from Nursery up to Year 8 students. Participations of Year 8 students, when submitted as a school group, already having turned 13 years old will be taken into account and will be valid. Respectively participation of nursery students , when submitted as a school group, not having turned 4 years old will be also taken into account and won't be valid. 

10. Is there a prize for the contest's winners?
The winners will receive a frame with their drawing which will be placed in a special space at the exhibition.

11. Can I send many drawings with just one application form with the teacher's and school's details completed?
We suggest you send the application form with the teacher's and school's details as well as a complete list of the students taking part. Any drawing without the student's details (name, surname, age, grade) on it will not be valid.

12. When printing should the shape of the template be adjusted to the A4 (without margins)?
The default of the printer is without A4 adjustment. That is the dimension required for the participation. 

13. Can one send more than one drawings?
Each participant is allowed to send one drawing. 

14. Can drawings be printed in an A3 size (or any other size) paper?
No. All drawings should be printed on A4 dimensions

For more info you can contact to: